Discover the Best Authority Marketing System for New Online Solopreneurs in 2023 - and you won´t believe who this is perfect for!

Here are two questions for you:

  • First: Are you over 50 and exploring how to work online?
  • Second: Do you want to earn money online and focus on your passion, so you can make the most of your life in the last part of your career and into your senior years?

If you resonate with the above, then starting an online business could be a great option for you. Moreover, AUTHORITY MARKETING is just the tool you need because it gives you a personal brand, structure, and focus.

Honor your knowledge

Due to your seniority, you probably have a wealth of expertise and professional knowledge. Do you know that this is a unique asset that can be leveraged so you become a trusted AUTHORITY in your niche? To explain more in this article, I will show how you can use AUTHORITY MARKETING to build a successful online business and introduce you to the six-step AUTHORITY MARKETING system.

Live your powerful passion

Many people over 50 have a passion or a project that is put on hold, hidden away in a drawer full of great ideas, calculations, and drawings. It's time to rediscover the ideas and the passion and make your passion a reality. However, many people don't know where to start when it comes to building an online business.

What is the best Authority Marketing system for people who want to develop an online presence?

AUTHORITY MARKETING is the process of positioning yourself or your business as a trusted expert in your field. You build a trusted brand based on the knowledge you already have.

As someone who started from scratch online, I understand the struggle of finding the right way to start. When I discovered the AUTHORITY MARKETING system, I saw the potential for using my professional experience and the life experience I have built up during my career.

By leveraging my knowledge as an asset, I was able to build a new identity as a digital marketer. Let me add, that I was over 60 before I got started! So, age is not a limitation -  it is an asset.  And believe me, it is NOT too late to get started.

AUTHORITY MARKETING helps you position yourself as a trusted expert in your field

The AUTHORITY MARKETING system is the perfect solution for new online solopreneurs. It is a powerful approach that helps you position yourself as a trusted expert in your field, build credibility, increase visibility, and attract new customers through a strong personal brand.

By using the six-step AUTHORITY MARKETING system, you can share your knowledge and expertise. You can educate and help others, providing proof of your expertise as you build a strong online reputation. Over time you will become a well-known AUTHORITY.

Therefore let me give you a short presentation.

AUTHORITY MARKETING in six steps for online solopreneurs:

Step 1 Identify your market and your niche Look for opportunities in the market. Be aware that new opportunities develop all the time. And sadly, enough when there are crises in the World opportunities often arise. Get inspiration from your knowledge and new opportunities you discover online. Furthermore, take into consideration that you can operate globally with online marketing, so there are almost no limits to your geographical outreach.
Step 2 Describe your ideal customer or avatar Start describing who your avatar is. You start by imagining someone you know who you believe represents your avatar. Go deep into this person´s wants, beliefs, and desires. You keep refining this over time, so you stay clear on how your product, service, or knowledge provides value for your avatar.
Step 3 Identify the problem your avatar has that you can help them solve The reason why you create value for your avatar is that you take your avatar from a situation where they have a specific problem to a situation where the problem is gone because you helped solve it. In other words, you know what outcome your avatar wants, and you will lead to the solution.
Step 4 Create your brand and message You will communicate with and educate your avatar. Because you have experience with a problem that your avatar recognizes and wants to get solved you will attract your avatar with your knowledge. In this way, you build up a brand as an expert in your field.
Step 5 Set up your marketing system This includes a website, email system, and a so-called funnel where your avatar just clicks on a button and the avatar lands on your email list. Here you are going to do content marketing and tell your avatar everything about your products and services and how you can help solve a problem.
Step 6 Promote your offer and solution Once you've set up your marketing system, you will promote your offer and solution to your avatar. You will learn how to educate and influence your avatar's decision-making. You can use paid advertising or free social media advertising. Your marketing system will from the beginning be semi-automated. The more you learn the more you can set on autopilot.

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Who is AUTHORITY MARKETING perfect for?

As described above the purpose of AUTHORITY MARKETING is to set yourself up as an expert in a niche, where there is a demand for your offer. This is exactly why AUTHORITY MARKETING is so suited for people who are in the mature part of their life. Because people with loads of professional experience and life experience have already a natural authority. So, if that is you, and you want to work online with your passion then this is the right system for you to follow.

What are the pros

  • It is easier to build up authority if you already have professional knowledge and life experience
  • The system provides a structure that is easy to follow for people with no experience
  • AUTHORITY MARKETING is not something entirely new, which is good, because it is a proven framework. Consequently, you will not be part of an experiment. Moreover, you can see many others who have achieved good results using this system online
  • This AUTHORITY MARKETING system is adjusted to support the modern way of making money online i.e. using digital skills and tools to earn money online. My mentor calls it the “Modern Wealthy” way.
  • The system will support any of these solopreneur types of businesses: Coaching, consultancy and service business, Affiliate marketing business, and e-commerce business.

What are the cons

  • You do not get systems and guidance like this for free. You need to invest in yourself, but not in facilities, stock, people, expensive advisors, etc.
  • The system will not make you rich overnight, no quick fix is available
  • You need to put in the effort to learn how to operate online, however, if you are the action-taker type you will be able to build a professional foundation and you will learn how online business works behind the scenes
  • You must be willing to learn new skills, however, some tasks can as you get more experienced be outsourced


The AUTHORITY MARKETING system is the perfect fit for you who is over 50 if you want to enhance your financial opportunities and also spend more time on the passion you did not have time to focus on before now. Moreover, if you know deep down inside that you need to focus on your passion to live your life with purpose, then please take this opportunity seriously. Like I did. With a proven system and a structure that's easy to follow, it's the perfect tool for beginners. While making an effort is required, the rewards can be significant, and personal growth is a key component of this journey. Don't wait any longer to make your dreams a reality. Take action and become a trusted authority in your niche with the AUTHORITY MARKETING system.

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You don´t need much to get started!