Karen Kramp

Experience is a Strong Component of Your Personal Brand

In the digital age, having years of professional experience up your sleeve can be a remarkable asset. If you're keen on leveraging your wisdom and turning your knowledge into digital assets, you're at the right place.

We're about to dive into an opportunity of a lifetime, a training program about building an online business. The program supports you in your online endeavors, irrespective of your age or technical background.

You will learn the modern principles of making money online and my mentor invites you to join the Modern Wealthy.

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Hi, I am Karen Kramp, your guide through this exciting online journey. Despite starting to build an online business without technical skills, I overcame the challenges, proving there's a solution for every hurdle. Using my authority marketing approach, I leverage my extensive professional experience from the private and public sectors to build a trusted brand online. Join me in this enriching journey to transform your expertise into a powerful digital asset.

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Tailor-made Training for Starting an Online Business

Our program contains tailor-made training courses both for beginners and more advanced entrepreneurs. Crafted with attention to detail and principles, this program guides you through every step of the online business process.

We hold your hand as we walk you through various facets of establishing and growing an online business. What you get is a turnkey solution that relieves you from endless browsing and the daunting task of collecting piecemeal information.

Turn your knowledge into digital assets and create the stepstones to a personal brand

What is unique about our training blueprint is, that my mentor has integrated the six steps of authority marketing into the basic training program. So immediately you will learn and understand why your professional and personal knowledge is so valuable online. And further, you will be able to assess, which business model is best suited for you.

This is a huge step to be able to take so quickly. It ensures that you do not waste your time by making a wrong choice, and you will feel confident about the journey you have embarked on.


Step 1 Identify your market and your niche Look for opportunities in the market. Be aware that new opportunities develop all the time. And sadly, enough when there are crises in the World opportunities often arise. Get inspiration from your knowledge and new opportunities you discover online. Furthermore, take into consideration that you can operate globally with online marketing, so there are almost no limits to your geographical outreach.
Step 2 Describe your ideal customer or avatar Start describing who your avatar is. You start by imagining someone you know who you believe represents your avatar. Go deep into this person´s wants, beliefs, and desires. You keep refining this over time, so you stay clear on how your product, service, or knowledge provides value for your avatar.
Step 3 Identify the problem your avatar has that you can help them solve The reason why you create value for your avatar is that you take your avatar from a situation where they have a specific problem to a situation where the problem is gone because you helped solve it. In other words, you know what outcome your avatar wants, and you will lead to the solution.
Step 4 Create your brand and message You will communicate with and educate your avatar. Because you have experience with a problem that your avatar recognizes and wants to get solved you will attract your avatar with your knowledge. In this way, you build up a brand as an expert in your field.
Step 5 Set up your marketing system This includes a website, email system, and a so-called funnel where your avatar just clicks on a button and the avatar lands on your email list. Here you are going to do content marketing and tell your avatar everything about your products and services and how you can help solve a problem.
Step 6 Promote your offer and solution Once you've set up your marketing system, you will promote your offer and solution to your avatar. You will learn how to educate and influence your avatar's decision-making. You can use paid advertising or free social media advertising. Your marketing system will from the beginning be semi-automated. The more you learn the more you can set on autopilot.

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In the video, you will meet my mentor. He is a leading industry expert with 15 years of experience building successful online businesses. He is the founder and owner of my learning platform.

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How does it work?

As a member of our platform, you'll gain access to a wealth of resources. We provide all the necessary tools and training you need to set off on your online journey.

Our structured online group coaching sessions, technical support, and readily available learning resources streamline your transition from a traditional job to a thriving online venture.

Do you think about these Concerns?

  • Age is an asset: In the world of online business, your age is not a hindrance; it's an asset. Your years of experience bring wisdom and insight that's invaluable in the digital space.
  • Money is an investment: Good training programs require an investment, but consider the unparalleled value you receive. From round-the-clock support to constant updates on new technologies like AI, everything is served at your fingertips.
  • Technical worries can be overcome: It might seem daunting at first, especially if you're not tech-savvy. But as my journey shows, every challenge has a solution. We provide the support to help you navigate through.
  • Time is flexible: While starting an online business does require time, it's more about consistency. You can still maintain your job while setting up your business and transition to it full-time when you're ready.


What are the pros

  • High value for the money invested: Our training programs offer exceptional value for the investment.
  • A supportive community: Join an active, vibrant online community that encourages learning and growth.
  • Comprehensive training: Our curriculum caters to every aspect of setting up and scaling an online business.
  • Personalized guidance: Enjoy the privilege of one-on-one mentoring to guide you throughout the process.
  • A well-thought-out framework: The authority marketing approach is a proven blueprint to establish your brand in the online realm.
  • Your knowledge is an asset: It is easier to build up authority if you already have professional knowledge and life experience
  • Good organization: The system provides a structure that is easy to follow for people with no experience

What are the cons

  • Time commitment: To get the most out of the program, a dedicated time investment is necessary.
  • Learning curve: For some, there might be a steep learning curve, particularly with technical aspects, but remember we are here to help.


In an era where experience is as valuable as innovation, your professional journey can be your most significant asset. Our training program is designed to help you carve a niche in the online world by utilizing your experience and transforming it into a brand through authority marketing. I highly recommend starting by watching the FREE video workshops that got me started.

Sign up and enjoy.