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How do people actually run a Side Hustle online? Is it for people who are 50+ or even for retirees?

Do you see people online talking about starting their own business? Do you wonder if what they are talking about is true? Do you wonder if you could do the same?


In this article, I will discuss how the World has changed concerning how we market and sell products and services. The changes mean that you and I can be part of the digital economy. In other words, we can start a new career after 50 without a degree online. I have included a list of typical side hustles for your inspiration. If you quickly want to read this list just go to the bottom of the article.

Further, I will explain why you should set up a professional framework around a side hustle. I assume you want to look professional when you offer your knowledge and services to your community. Am I right?

I also assume that you are ready to learn new digital skills. if you are not this is not for you. Sorry.

For those who are ambitious, it is even possible to start working with affiliate marketing or e-commerce as a side hustle. But let us take one step at a time.

In conclusion, the article gives you three options to either start building your online professional presence (there are two levels with different costs) or an option to learn more about how online marketing works before you decide to actually start.

Marketing and selling have changed completely

I want to start by giving you some perspective on how much the World has changed related to how we can market and sell products. One of the key differences between the old way of selling and the new way is the reach and accessibility of the audience. Before the internet, it was challenging for businesses to reach a global audience, and it was expensive to advertise. However, with the internet, individuals and businesses can now market their products and services to a global audience without having to spend a lot of money on advertising. This has democratized the selling process and opened up new opportunities for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and individuals. 

This is in fact how side hustles changed from an offline network activity to an online activity that can be set up to represent you 24/7. No cold calling, no knocking on doors. Instead, a professional framework around what you can offer, where people can click in and say: Hey, I am interested, please contact me. I just love that.

All this has happened during my career. Today there are no more business cards and marketing materials. Everything is replaced by online marketing material and if you go to an exhibition you get a QR code, which you can click on and then you can read everything about the product on your smartphone or your laptop.

What does it mean that the process is democratized?

A democratized process means that online business now is available to you and me. For me, this is a revolution. I can now be part of the development of the Internet and not just someone who reads about what others are doing. I do know I just play a tiny role. But that is Ok for me. As long as I am part of it and not left out.

I was brought up on a farm in the 60ties and 70ties. I was strongly encouraged to educate myself so that I could get a good job with good pay. I never heard anything about starting a business. So this has NEVER been part of my DNA that this should happen.

So, of cause, I did get a good education and did get good jobs. But at some point later in my career, I did start wondering when it would be possible for me to live a life with more flexibility and do things I really cared about. It was not because I couldn´t see the value of the organizations that I worked for. They all have fantastic missions and values. But they weren´t mine.

Do you feel a sense of urgency?

So at some point, I did feel this sense of urgency. Maybe you know the expression "if not now then when". I had to be honest with myself and say: "If not now then never". That was a kick in the behind. So I did get started online. However, I was over 60 before I took the leap into this new world of digital marketing. So I know want it takes. And I have a good idea about how to approach it without wasting money on a very expensive program that you will never use and also without being totally overwhelmed. A side hustle is actually a good idea, to begin with. It is a suitable ambition. You can always scale up.

Now, I help other people get started. Because I understand how it is to be over 50 and still have the urge to learn and develop. I have a strong need to contribute to the World and I can do that online. This is where I get to use all my professional knowledge because I have worked a lot with career development. I now see how the online world offers so much to people who are in the last part of their careers or even those who have already retired.

I have learned that knowledge and experience are assets, not a hindrance. I know from personal experience that age shouldn´t stop you.

Read my article about AUTHORITY MARKETING which is a 6-step model I use. It enables me to build a strong brand online. This is the modern way of making money online as opposed to the old way in a traditional job.

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Modern Wealthy

Who are the Modern Wealthy?

This is a reference to those who use AUTHORITY MARKETING and modern digital tools online to:

  • Identify your market and your niche
  • Describe your ideal customer or avatar
  • Identify the problem your avatar has that you can help them solve
  • Create your brand and message
  • Set up your marketing system
  • Promote your offer and solution

Read my article about AUTHORITY MARKETING

I just want to imagine who you are

I imagine you are a person in the mature part of your life. You may still work or you may have retired.

Still Working

  • If you are in a job situation you have realized that getting to work Monday morning becomes more and more tiring. Sometimes you even feel a knot in your stomach. You know it is a bad sign that you should react upon. Your job clearly does not provide the fulfillment you deserve. So you are wondering if there are practical solutions that can help you develop yourself out of this traditional job situation where you commute to work, work long hours, and therefore do not have much flexibility. There is also financial considerations linked to changing career.


  • If you have retired you are longing to serve again. Help other people, and use your skills. You want to feel needed. You do not want to work full-time because you do want to keep your flexibility. But you are wondering why you spent so many years learning stuff and then suddenly nobody needs your skills anymore. And of cause, you can use the extra money.


Here are your action steps:

Step 1

  • Reflect upon your situation. Know that if you want to change something in life something new must happen. Also, know that you are the only one responsible for your life. However, taking a new step in life demands courage. Do you have that? I think you do. The reason why you have the courage might be, that if you don´t do anything you will regret it someday. And that would be hard to swallow at a time when it is too late. Don´t wait too long. I almost did that.

Step 2

  • Set your goal. Which side hustle will suit you? Get inspired by the list of side hustles I have included below. Maybe your side hustle is something special because you have special knowledge, interest, or hobby that you have dreamt of spending more time on your whole life. Now is the time.

Step 3

  • Choose the level you want to start on. I have included three options for you below. I have personally gone through all three options.  So, I know the learning material, the levels, and the outcome well. No matter which model you choose, I will offer you a special introduction bonus to the learning platform. I will make sure you immediately know where to start, which live webinars to participate in, where to get support etc. You will get a very efficient start. No waste of time. The second you decide to enter I get your name and email. I will write to you immediately. I welcome you. The links are affiliate links. This means I get a commission for any sale. Your price is the same no matter where you buy.
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Here are three options for you

If You want more knowledge before you start

Buy the Modern Wealthy course package for only 37 USD. Actually, this is not more that the price for two drinks at your favorite bar. 😀

Click below and go to the training video with the founder of my platform. If you just want to join scroll to the button on that page and enter your email address.

It is the founder of my platform who presents. His personal story is amazing.

Earning money the modern way is about how to use the tools we can access online due to the democratization I mention above. Learn about the possibilities. There are two bonus training courses included and access to our Facebook group where you will find both members with many years of experience and people who are as new as you. Exiting conversations are to be found there.



Join with a Launch Pad membership

This is the program that enables you to build yourself a professional framework around your side hustle. The program is designed for people with no experience. I built my first website after a few weeks and I integrated an email list where people can sign up. I had no technical background. I just love the step-by-step guidance on the more technical issues. The support is great.

Your friends and family will be surprised, that you have done this yourself. You will feel really proud of what you have achieved so fast.

I recommend a one-year membership. This is how long time it takes to absorb and make use of all the new information that you will want to dig into, once you get started. I developed my own skills on the side, while I was still working. If you want to do the same you need time. But time is good because you will enjoy the journey, there will be no stress, and you will really be able to take the new inspiration into your life.

The price for a one-year membership is 997 USD equivalent to only 84 USD monthly.

Join a program with Personal Coaching

This program is for those who are ready to work intensively on the online project from day one. You get access to the starter program, which everybody has to go through under all circumstances. You have to build the foundation.

This program includes in addition a coaching program, special webinars with case reviews, done-for-you tools, special software etc.

I recommend this program for people who are sure that online business is their path. The program supports three online business models: affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and consultancy/coaching. If you already have a business and you want to scale your business by using paid advertising for example YouTube this is for you.

I have gone through this program and the value is great. However, I did not join until I had been a member of the platform for some time. There was a campaign that offered an upgrade at a favorable price. So this is worth considering.

The retail price for this coaching program is 12.995 USD.

Write to me directly if you want to join this program: Karen@karenkramp.com

The links I provide here are affiliate links. This means I get a commission for every sale. You pay the same for the product no matter where you buy.

Side Hustles

A side hustle can be many things. The term "side hustle" is not a definition as such. It just indicates that it is something we are doing on the side. Meaning there is something else we do. It can be a job or we simply do not want to work full-time anymore because we have retired. Side Hustle has become a search term on Google. Many people and organizations write about side hustles. So I recommend that you do a search on Google to get more inspiration.

What is the purpose of a professional website?

The important thing to consider is if a good-looking website could help you in attracting customers to your side hustle. Let me start by saying that, it may not be relevant. For example, if you limit your services to people you know, then a website is not needed.

In general, a website helps a business to build a brand around the business. If you want to reach out to people who do not know you, then think of the website as an expanded business card where you present yourself and your services.

In addition, your website will replace any need for printing brochures, leaflets, price lists, etc. Just keep your website updated and refer people to the information you have there.

If you add a blog to your website (which is easy) you can even write stories about how you help your customers. Describe the value your services provide. And write about how happy it makes you feel that you help people with your service. Case stories are very good for supporting your brand. Of cause, if you take pictures of people and mention names you have to ask for permission. And very often you will get that.

The side hustle with the potential to scale online

Some side hustles have the potential to scale online. Hence they can be developed into a growing business. Examples are consultancy and coaching businesses, graphic design, blogger, e-commerce, and many more. It all depends on what you want to do. What is your ambition?

The really important thing to understand though is how your knowledge can be sold online without you even being present. This is where the secret lies in online selling today. This is why it is really interesting to learn how knowledge can be transformed into a digital product. For example an online course. This is where the big potential lies.

If it is your intention to scale the business then an online presence is a must. When you start to learn how digital marketing works you will learn that there are two ways to attract people to your website. One is free and is using social media. Another is paid advertising like video advertising on YouTube and Facebook. It is most often paid advertising that is used for scaling a business.

Building a brand with the use of a good-looking website is of cause a must in this case. Further, you need the website to run your paid advertising.

23 Side Hustles for your inspiration!

Management Consultant

If you have experience in business management can become a management consultant. This job requires knowledge of business management principles and the ability to provide strategic advice and solutions to businesses.


If you are fluent in multiple languages can become a freelance translator. This job requires excellent language skills, attention to detail, and knowledge of translation software and terminology.


If you have experience in accounting you can become a bookkeeper. This job requires knowledge of accounting principles, software, and procedures, as well as attention to detail.

Caring for pets and Pet Sitters

Many pet owners are looking for someone to care for their pets while they are away and some are looking for a pet sitter. If you love animals you can take advantage of this by offering pet-sitting services. This job requires no formal qualifications, but a love of animals and a responsible attitude are essential.

Life Coach

If you have experience in business, personal development, or coaching you can become a life coach. In some countries this job may require certification in coaching. So check out the local regulation where you live. If you don´t want to take on the coach title, then you are free to call yourself a consultant. This will only require experience and knowledge in the field you offer.


If you have experience in teaching or experience in a particular subject you can become a tutor. This job requires no formal qualifications, but knowledge and expertise in the subject matter are essential.

Travel Agent

If you love to travel you can become a travel guide. This job requires knowledge of travel destinations and booking systems, but it can be a fun and rewarding way to help others plan their dream vacations.

Music Teacher

If you have experience in music you can become a music teacher. This job requires knowledge of music theory and teaching techniques, but it can be a fun way to share a passion for music with others.

Craft Seller

If you enjoy crafting you can sell your handmade goods online or at craft fairs. This job requires creativity and the ability to market and sell products.

Rental host

This is for those who have extra space in their homes. They can rent out rooms on Airbnb.

Freelance Photographer

Those who have a passion for photography can become freelance photographers. This job requires knowledge of photography techniques, equipment, and editing software. You can choose to specialize in different types of photography, such as nature, portraits, or events.

Local Tour Guide

If you have knowledge of your local area you can become a local tour guide. This job requires excellent communication skills and a passion for sharing information about local landmarks, history, and culture.



Computer Repair Service

If you have experience with computer repair you can start a computer repair service. This job requires knowledge of computer hardware and software troubleshooting, as well as excellent customer service skills.

Personal Chef

If you love cooking you can become a personal chef. This job requires knowledge of cooking techniques, recipe development, and menu planning. Personal chefs typically work for one or more clients and prepare meals according to their preferences and dietary needs.

Party Planner

If you have experience in event planning can become a party planner. This job requires creativity, organizational skills, and knowledge of party planning logistics, such as catering, decorations, and entertainment.

Graphic Designer

If you have experience in graphic design you can become a freelance graphic designer. If you are into the new ChatGPT tools you will tap into a trending topic online. This job requires knowledge of design software, creativity, and the ability to meet clients' design needs.

Become A Driver For Uber 

If you have a car you can become a driver for ride-sharing companies like Uber. This job requires a valid driver's license, a clean driving record, and excellent customer service skills.

Part-Time Nurse

Retirees who have experience in nursing can become part-time nurses. This job requires a nursing degree, state licensure, and the ability to work part-time hours.


If you have excellent communication and organizational skills can become a part-time receptionist. This job requires excellent customer service skills, phone etiquette, and knowledge of office procedures.

Part-Time Editor / Proofreader

If you have a talent for writing and editing you can become a part-time editor or proofreader. This job requires excellent writing and editing skills, attention to detail, and knowledge of grammar and punctuation rules.

Virtual Assistants

People who have administrative skills can become virtual assistants. This job requires knowledge of office procedures, software, and excellent communication skills.

Cold Calling

If you have excellent communication skills can become a cold caller. This job requires the ability to make sales calls, generate leads, and persuade potential customers to buy a product or service.

Online Surveys

If you have access to a computer and the internet can participate in online surveys. This job requires the ability to answer survey questions accurately and honestly, and some surveys may offer compensation.

Modern Wealthy

Who are the Modern Wealthy?

This is a reference to those who use AUTHORITY MARKETING and modern digital tools online to:

  • Identify your market and your niche
  • Describe your ideal customer or avatar
  • Identify the problem your avatar has that you can help them solve
  • Create your brand and message
  • Set up your marketing system
  • Promote your offer and solution

Read my article about AUTHORITY MARKETING

Read the PROS and CONS

Pros starting a side hustle

  • Low start-up costs
  • It gives a feeling of personal growth, personal development, and personal fulfillment to pursue a passion that may have been hidden away for years.
  • For seniors, it gives a beautiful feeling of being needed and a feeling of contributing while at the same time, the extra money can make a huge difference
  • The potential for creating income streams that can scale if the right methods are used is very motivating for some.
  • Consulting, coaching, and expert knowledge can give high fees, especially if you have specialized knowledge or experience in a particular industry. Scaling your sales is possible when you build digital assets such as online courses. You can sell digital assets without being present. it is all automated.
  • In some cases, you can deliver your services from anywhere which provides a lot of flexibility.
  • Your family and friends will admire the work you are doing, you will be a role model for personal development and personal action-taking.

Cons Starting a side hustle

  • You do not get systems and guidance like this for free. You need to invest in yourself, but not in facilities, stock, people, expensive advisors, etc.
  • The system will not make you rich overnight, no quick fix is available
  • You need to put in the effort to learn how to operate online, however, if you are the action-taker type you will be able to build a professional foundation and you will learn how online business works behind the scenes
  • Creating valuable content that attracts traffic and generates sales can be time-consuming, especially when you're just starting out.


Starting a side hustle at 50+ or as a retiree has never been more realistic and more possible than it is now. The reason is the new modern tools available for all of us. The education platform that I use has developed training specifically for people with no experience. So if you are new to online methods you will for sure feel that you have chosen the perfect solution. All starter side hustles are covered by the training available in the starter program  So you are well covered.

The old ways of selling services were only for bigger companies who would buy ads on TV, billboards, magazines, newspapers, etc. Those days are over. Now we use the modern way, where we use digital tools available to all of us. That is such a powerful change.

The most important and crucial factor for your success online is your mindset. If you really want to focus on your passion before it is too late then you will find a source of never-ending motivation that drives you forward and make you overcome all obstacles.

Last I want you to know that you do not have to go on this journey alone. if I had embarked on this journey all on my own I don´t think I would have overcome the challenges that sometimes come up. The community on the platform is something that surprises many in a very positive way. It is an extra layer that the members value a lot. Thanks for reading.


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